• Ottawa Paramedics... A tight knit team
  • Paramedicine... a calling
  • "What is your emergency?"
  • An Emergency Department on wheels
  • All Terrain Capability
  • Paramedic Support Unit
  • Canada's frontline healthcare providers
  • Complexity meets controlled chaos
  • Rapid treatment and extrication
  • Paramedic Response Unit
  • Advanced Life Support skills
  • Paramedic Marine Unit
  • Paramedic Communications Centre
  • In the air, in the streets, in your community
  • Ready to respond... Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Paramedic Tactical Unit
  • From 9-1-1 to wherever you need us most

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Paramedic, Associate, Alumni & Student Benefits

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Included with Membership
The Professional Paramedic Association of Ottawa includes the following with membership:

  • Ontario Paramedic Association membership
  • Paramedic Association of Canada membership
  • Canadian Paramedicine Magazine subscription
  • Paramedic Legal Protection (for Paramedic Members & Associate Members only)

Online Member Benefits
Gain access to the following benefits when you are logged in as a paid member:

  1. Award Nominations
  2. Canadian Paramedicine Magazine
  3. Discounted Merchandise
  4. License Plate Rebates
  5. Job Postings
  6. Paramedic Legal Protection (insured members only)
  7. Paramedic Perks
  8. Scholarship Awards
  9. Special Event Bookings
  10. And more
For more information, please contact the Professional Paramedic Association of Ottawa. Thank-you.

Paramedics, Associate, Alumni & Student Members

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  1. We conduct pre-authorized debits for the following memberships
    • Full Paramedic ($22/month or $264/year) INCLUDES: Legal Protection for Paramedics
    • Associate ($19/month or $228/year) INCLUDES: Legal Protection for Communications Officers and Support Staff
    • Alumni ($7/month or $84/year) IMPORTANT: Alumni Members must be retired or resigned paramedics
    • Student ($11/month) IMPORTANT: Paramedic students get 50% off the regular price of full dues and must pay monthly

  2. You will receive your membership package and official member certificate in the mail within 60 days
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  • You may either enter your banking information manually or upload an image of a void cheque from your device
  • Our bank operates a very advanced and secure system that manages payments for all members
  • As we are operated by volunteers, the only payment option available is Pre-Authorized Debit

Corporate Partners

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  1. View our Corporate Partner page for more information on available packages
    • You may choose to pay by credit card, cheque or direct payment
    • If you choose cheque or direct payment, our website will automatically invoice you
    • Your account remains active for 365 days from date of payment
    • You can upgrade your account at any time throughout the year

  2. You will receive your membership package and official member certificate in the mail within 60 days



Professional Paramedic Association of Ottawa

  • 343 Preston Street (11th Floor)
    Ottawa ON K1S 1N4

  • mail@OttawaParamedics.ca