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Tornado Disaster Relief

Date: 2018-09-21

IMPORTANT: This information was updated on Monday September 24. As we are actively mitigating a number of disaster areas, this information should be considered obsolete upon release as resources and intel will constantly change.

Temporary Shelter

  • Dunrobin - West Carleton secondary school at 3086 Dunrobin Rd. is open and available for food, shelter, water, showers, with city staff and first responders. (613-832-2773)
  • Gatineau - CEGEP de l'Outaouais Gabrielle Roy campus on 333 Boulevard de la cite-des-Jeunes
  • Hunt Club-Riverside - emergency reception area at the Canterbury Recreation Complex at 2185 Arch St.
  • Nepean - The Larkin House Community Centre
  • River Ward - access service, food, and water at the Hunt Club Riverside Community Centre at 3320 Paul Anka Dr.
  • Stittsville - Goulburn Recreation Complex, 1500 Shea Rd, Stittsville (613-580-2532)

Hydro Ottawa

  • To report a power outage please call Hydro Ottawa's 24/7 outage line: 1-613-738-0188
  • Outage Map

Hydro One

  • To report a power outage please call Hydro Ottawa's 24/7 outage line: 1-800-434-1235
  • Outage Map

Road Closures

  • Road closes from Greenbank & Huntclub to Greenbank & Craig Henry Drive
  • Hardest hit area's are Dunrobin, Craig Henry, Arlington Woods & Huntclub/ Riverside Area & Paul Anka-McCarthy
  • Avoid any non essential travel in the area of Dunrobin

Public Transit

  • Route 303 will operate Monday to Friday this week to help residents affected by last week's weather event.
  • Detour routes include the 82, 83 & 173 around the Greenbank-Hunt Club area.
  • Vulnerable Persons Task Force: OC Transpo buses to provide water, food and support

Shower & Power Services Open

Residents can access power and services, such as showers, at all open city facilities, including libraries, community centres and recreation centres:

  • Earl Armstrong Arena, 2020 Ogilvie Road. Open until 10 p.m .
  • Goulbourn Recreation Complex, 1500 Shea Road. Open until 10 p.m.
  • Howard Darwin Centennial Arena, 1765 Merivale Road. Open until 10 p.m.
  • John G Mlacak Community Centre, 2500 Campeau Drive. Open until 10 p.m.
  • Larry Robinson Arena, 2785 8th Line Road. Open until 2 a.m.
  • Minto Recreation Complex, 3500 Cambrian Rd. Open until 10 p.m.
  • Jim Durrell Recreation Centre, 1265 Walkley Rd. Open until 9 p.m.
  • The Walter Baker Sports Centre at 100 Malvern Dr. has power, but no showers.
  • Minto Rec Complex in Barrhaven
  • Nepean sportsplex
  • Bayshore Mall
  • West Carleton High School at 3088 Dunrobin Rd.
  • Goulbourn Recreation Complex in Stittsville
  • All Goodlife Centres that are with power
  • All Movati Athletic locations in Kanata, Orleans, Trainyards available (Nepean and Barrhaven still closed)
  • Dymon storage open to public for charging electronics and washroom use
  • City Hall washroom use
  • The Canadian Museum of History and National Gallery of Canada
  • Planet Fitness on 1821 Robertson Rd.


  • All Ottawa Catholic and Public schools closed on Monday September 24, 2018
  • University of Ottawa remained open
  • Carleton University remained open
  • Algonquin College remained open
  • La CitĂ© CollĂ©giale remained open

Food Banks open - Call 613-745-7001

  • Ottawa Food Bank has emergency food available at
    • Bethel Care Centre (Viewmont Drive 11am-1pm)
    • Westboro Region Food Bank (Madison Avenue 10am-1pm)
    • Debra Dynes Family House (Debra Avenue 9am-12pm and 1pm-3pm)
    • FAMSAC Food Centre (Robertson Road 1:30pm-3pm)
    • Caldwell Family Centre (Medford street 1pm-3pm)
  • West Carleton Food Access Centre (5670 Carp Rd)
  • Kanata Food Cupboard 9am-4pm accepting donations and will coordinate distribution to locations most in need
  • All licensed food trucks can move to areas in need and sell food

Food Availability by area


  • CF Rideau Centre.
  • Nandos on 90 Elgin Street.
  • Billings Bridge mall food court and Walmart, Bank and Riverside Drive.
  • McDonald's on 670 Bronson Ave.
  • Bronson Pizza on 370 Bronson Ave.
  • Metro and Loblaws stores on Rideau Street.
  • Sobeys on 193 Metcalfe St.
  • Massine's Your Independent Grocer, 296 Bank St.
  • The Food Shop on 375 Bank St.
  • Loblaws on 64 Isabella St.

South Ottawa

  • Tim Horton's at 372 Hunt Club Rd.
  • South Keys Shopping Centre.
  • Milano's Pizza at St. Laurent Boulevard and Walkley Rd.
  • Broadway Bar & Grill at 1896 Prince of Wales Dr.
  • Dollarama, 2679 Alta Vista Dr.
  • Cedars & Co. Food Market at 1255 Bank Street.

West Ottawa

  • Bayshore Mall.
  • Loblaws at Kanata Centrum Shopping Centre.
  • la Cucina Ristorante on 5547 Hazeldean Rd.
  • The Brew Table at 360 Moodie Dr.
  • Turkish Community Centre on 335 Michael Cowpland Dr.


  • Shoppers Drug Mart at Mitch Owens Road and River Road.
  • The Home Depot on 1900 Baseline Road.
  • Farmboy on 3033 Woodroffe Ave.
  • Costco on Merivale Rd.
  • Centrale Bergham on 1943 Baseline Rd.
  • Walmart on 1375 Baseline Rd.
  • Loblaws 1980 Baseline Rd.
  • Tim Hortons on 1879 Robertson Rd.

East Ottawa

  • Place d'Orleans shopping mall.
  • Gloucester Shopping Centre.
  • Costco on 1900 Cyrville Rd.
  • St. Laurent shopping centre.

Gas stations open proximal to tornado sites

  • Petro-Canada at 42 Montreal Rd.
  • Drummond's gas station on Bronson Avenue at Chamberlain Avenue.
  • Ultramar on 3467 Hawthorne Rd.
  • Ultramar on Eagleson Road at Stonehaven Drive.
  • Petro Canada at Bayshore Drive and Carling Avenue.
  • Esso at 401 Hazeldean Rd.
  • Shell at 720 March Road.

More Information


  • Hydro Ottawa Twitter Feed (@hydroottawa)
  • Hydro One Twitter Feed (@hydroone)
  • Ottawa Police Twitter Feed (@ottawapolice)
  • City of Ottawa Twitter Feed (@ottawacity)
  • Ottawa Start Twitter Feed (@ottawastart)



Paramedics - Anticipate Injuries During Incident

Blunt or Penetrating Trauma/Extremity injuries:

    • Consider ABC and life threats
    • Use appropriate tools such as Trauma kits, Tourniquets, Quick clots and Fluids (Not too much as it can reduce platelet levels)
    • Use Field Trauma Triage Standard and transport to appropriate facilities.

Crush Injuries/ Trapped Extremities:

    • Consider life threats and the potential for shock
    • Consider rhabdomyolysis, compartment syndrome, potential arrhythmias, etc.
    • Transport with a high suspicion of potential risk

Electrical Injuries:

    • Ensure the scene is safe before treatment (use hydro and fire to confirm no live wires)
    • Work VSA's due to high potential for resuscitation
    • Consider life threats (ABC's) and then treat burns (entry/exit points) as well as muscular-skeletal trauma

CO Poisoning:

    • Ensure the scene is safe (Adequate ventilation, have fire extricate Pt's as well as CO monitoring devices, etc.)
    • Consider O2/ CO monitoring as well as high flow O2 administration.

Paramedics - Anticipate Injuries Post Incident

Due to lack of power

  • Medical device failure
  • Food borne illness
  • CO poisoning

Clean up efforts

  • Trauma
  • Electrocution

Medical device failure

  • CPAP/Respirator
    • If symptomatic treat as per BLS/ALS PCS and transport
  • At home O2
    • Use O2 tank calculations
      • Duration=gauge pressure-residual pressure (500psi) x tank factorFlow rate (L/min)
    • Tanks factors
      • D=0.18
      • M=1.56
      • E=0.28 (hospital tanks)
    • If no available home O2, Call DO to have O2 delivered to them by EST's
  • Refrigerated medications
    • Some medication like insulin can be kept 28 days unrefrigerated
    • Check on medication label if it can be kept unrefrigerated
    • If medication spoils, treat and transport as BLS/ALS PCS
  • Mobility device failures
    • Electric wheelchairs, beds, and lifts
    • Offer assistance to move patient
    • Treat and transport or release if no other underlying cause to call

Paramedic - Injury Prevention

Public Education

  • Emergency resources in high demand
    • Let the patient know other resources may be able to help/provide information:
      • Oxygen companies to help providing O2 supply
      • Pharmacies can assist with any questions relating to the patient medications
      • Private transfer companies can provide lift assist

Protect yourself

  • Watch for unstable buildings
    • Wear all necessary PPE
  • Be careful when approaching an intersection where the lights are out
    • Reduced visibility at night
    • 4-way stop
    • Be seen and heard
  • Treat any electrical wire as a live wire
    • Backflow from home generators not being plugged properly

Be alert

  • Contact CACC for any potential resources
    • Ottawa Hydro
    • Roads and traffic departments
    • Fire
    • By-laws
    • Police
  • The emergency operations center on the first floor of city hall launched at 5 p.m. on Friday September 21st.
  • City of Ottawa staff have been quarterbacking the emergency response since then.
  • All hospitals in the Ottawa area have resumed regular operations.

Paramedic - Briefing Notes

Paramedic Disaster Relief Briefing Notes