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Ottawa Paramedic HELP Fund

Date: 2023-10-05

The Ottawa Paramedic HELP Fund plays a crucial role in supporting the heroes of the Ottawa paramedic community. Founded in 2015, this charitable fund was created to provide financial assistance to paramedics and their families during times of need.

These individuals are on the front lines, responding to emergencies and providing critical medical care in high-pressure situations. While their commitment to saving lives is unwavering, they, too, face challenges that require assistance.

Paramedics, by the nature of their work, are exposed to physical and emotional strains. The unpredictable and often dangerous situations they encounter can take a toll on their well-being. The Ottawa Paramedic HELP Fund recognizes these challenges and offers financial assistance to paramedics and their families during times of crisis, such as illness, injury, or loss of a loved one.

Public Donations

Paramedics can make donations through their member account login

The public and local businesses can donate at the following link:

Supporting first responders and their families

Supporting first responders, like paramedics, is of paramount importance. They are the backbone of our emergency health care system, often working in high-stress, life-threatening situations. Their commitment to saving lives and providing essential care is a cornerstone of our society’s safety and well-being.

The Ottawa Paramedic HELP Fund not only acknowledges the sacrifices and challenges faced by paramedics but also contributes to their continued ability to serve the community effectively. In times of crisis, knowing that there is a support system in place can make all the difference for these first responders and their families.

Ottawa paramedics supporting  our community

While we often think of paramedics as responding solely to emergencies, it’s important to recognize the proactive service they provide to the community to help prevent emergent situations. Paramedics can often take part in:

  • Mental wellness response
  • Community outreach
  • Special events
  • Palliative care

The final word

Today, only 4% of paramedics are able to fully finish their careers. As a community, it is our responsibility to stand behind those who stand in the line of duty, ensuring they have the resources and assistance necessary to continue their vital work. The Ottawa Paramedic HELP Fund embodies this commitment, reminding us of the importance of supporting those who dedicate their lives to saving ours.



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